Legal obligation

As a producer/importer of e-bikes you are legally obliged to report to the government how many e-bikes you bring onto the Dutch market. You are also obliged to collect and recycle the e-bikes at the end of their life. Wecycle is your partner to perform the legal producer responsibility at this points. We can also arrange your mandatory registration at the Nationaal (W)EEE Register. Please contact us for more information via e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630. 

Tailor-made tariff

Depending on the amount of e-bikes you put on the Dutch market, Wecycle offers you a tailor-made tariff. This way you are assured of not paying too much. Please contact us for an offer that fits your business via e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630. 

How can we help you?

  • Why does the AEEA regulation apply to me?
    Since 15 August 2018, e-bikes fall under the scope of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (AEEA) regulations and you have certain obligations. There is a full overview of them in the AEEA regulations, for which the government has produced a guide for readers (both in Dutch). 

  • What are my obligations?

    The most important obligations are grouped as follows:

    • Providing information to Wecycle for registration on the Nationaal (W)EEE Register.
    • Reporting imported or produced e-bikes (quantities and weights) that you put on the Dutch market, per quarter or per year.
    • Marking e-bikes with symbols in the form of a crossed-out movable waste container. Example:


    • Collecting and processing of e-bikes, according to compulsory standards.
    • Registering with and reporting to the Nationaal (W)EEE Register.
    • For companies based abroad and which sell e-bikes directly to Dutch end-users, Wecycle can act as the authorised representative in the Netherlands. 

  • What are the fees?

    Wecycle offers you a tailor-made tariff; you can meet your legal obligations without paying too much.  Please contact us for more information via e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630.

  • How can I sign up?
    Would you like to meet your legal obligations in an effective and cost-efficient manner? In that case, choose a solid and reliable partner, just like 1,750 other producers and importers have done. Please contact us for the registration form via e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630.

  • I have another question - who can I ask?

    You can send an e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630.

About Wecycle

We are a non-profit foundation. We organize a responsible collection and recycling of e-waste in the Netherlands. We do this effectively and cost-efficient for 1,750 producers and importers. In 2017, we collected 107 million kilos of e-waste and had this recovered for 97%.  This also avoided 345 million kilos of CO2. 

Please contact us

We are happy to answer your questions regarding the legal producer responsibility for e-bikes, the National (W)EEE Register and what Wecycle can do for you. Please via e-mail or call +31 (0)79 7600 630.
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